The Nocturnal Fairy

The Nocturnal Fairy book cover illustration by Heidi Piercy

A fairytale for a new age that brings a timeless magic and charm to modern day issues. Could you be friends with someone you had nothing in common with? Lisa and Sandra are two very different fairies trying to do just that, in a world where one of them is cursed to a life of […]

Frogie For Dinner

Frogie For Dinner children's book by Heidi Piercy front cover

Frogie for Dinner is a sort of follow up book to What Is A Plooksie? As you will know if you have read the book, ‘Plooksie’ is a word made up by our youngest daughter, Amber, and the story is based on a bizarre conversation we had when she asked me to draw a Plooksie […]

A Crackers Christmas Colouring Book

A Crackers Christmas Colouring Book front cover by author and illustrator Heidi Piercy

A Crackers Christmas Colouring Book A Crackers, A Christmas, Acrostic, A Colouring Book! Got a long journey ahead of you when travelling home for Christmas?! Eaten too much turkey and don’t want to move very much for a bit?! Fancy doing an ArtVent in the run up to Christmas as an alternative Advent?! …of course […]

What Is A Plooksie?

What Is A Plooksie? Children's book by Heidi Piercy website image

What is a Plooksie? Oh what can it be? Please, pretty please, can somebody tell me! A fun, quirky children’s book based on the imaginative language of our brilliantly creative little two year old. …Please help me work out what she’s talking about! 🙂 Anyone who knows our youngest daughter will know that she has […]

The Great Fairy Easter Egg Race

The Great Fairy Easter Egg Race by Heidi Piercy-Featured Image

Rabbitswood at Easter is a terribly fun place, full of fairies gathering for the Giant Egg Race! Join Rabbitswood as it celebrates some eggy Easter Fairy fun! An exciting rhyming tale about the Rabbitswood fairies giant egg race with beautifully hand drawn illustrations. The perfect story to get you in the mood for Easter. If […]

Rabbitswood Fairy House Colouring Book

Rabbitswood Fairy House Colouring Book by Heidi Piercy-section of book cover

Rabbitswood Fairy House Colouring Book is now available to buy on Amazon. I hope you enjoy it and happy colouring! Description Welcome to the wonderful woodland world of Rabbitswood. Let your imagination and your pencils run wild and add a splash of colour and uniqueness to your own magical fairy forest. An original take on the […]