A fairytale for a new age that brings a timeless magic and charm to modern day issues. Could you be friends with someone you had nothing in common with? Lisa and Sandra are two very different fairies trying to do just that, in a world where one of them is cursed to a life of darkness, just for being born on The Wrong Day. Will their friendship be able to survive a toxic mix of prejudice and bullying?

Navigating a world where social media magnifies worries about identity and body image can be a total minefield for adults, but for Middle Grade children, who are still shaping themselves as people, this can seem virtually impossible. Rabbitswood, where The Nocturnal Fairy is set, is a quirky reflection of our human world and the problems we face trouble it’s fairies as well. So, maybe reading how they learnt to overcome their prejudices will leave our children a bit more open minded too. The Nocturnal Fairy is first and foremost a delightful tale set in a magical world, but it also allows children to explore their views and emotions towards others.

This book is dedicated to my brilliant friend Lisa and her wonderful mum Sandra. xx

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