Frogie for Dinner is a sort of follow up book to What Is A Plooksie? As you will know if you have read the book, ‘Plooksie’ is a word made up by our youngest daughter, Amber, and the story is based on a bizarre conversation we had when she asked me to draw a Plooksie for her. Our daughter has a best friend called Thea and they often use lots of their brilliant made up words when they play together. If Thea’s parent’s ever asked her what she would like to eat at meal times, she would often say ‘Frogie’ …and so this book was born!

Amber and Thea have just turned 3, so the books are their birthday presents. I hope they (and you) like them!

Frogie For Dinner and What Is A Plooksie? children's books by Heidi Piercy


What is a Frogie? Oh what can it be? Please, pretty please, can somebody tell me?! A fun, imaginative children’s book based on the creative language of our daughter’s best friend. They know what they are talking about-do you?!

Frogie For Dinner children's book by Heidi Piercy a sneak preview

The book is written in rhyme and will spark little ones imaginations and keep them guessing what Frogie is.

child reading Frogie For Dinner children's book by Heidi Piercy


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