A couple of months ago my friend Rhiannon asked me if I would like to help with the face painting at the Woodley Fun Day…so I thought I’d better learn to face paint…quick! Woodley Fun Day is an annual community event put on by the churches in Romsey and everything there is free. They have all kinds of things there from live music to inflatables and of course free face painting!

As probably one of the only token atheists helping out, I would just like to say I think it’s brilliant that the local churches put on such a great event for free. It seems like everyday we’re constantly bombarded by advertising and fake ‘something for nothing’ gimmicks, so it is lovely to see such a fabulous event like this take place with not a ┬ásingle bit of pressure to join anything or sign up to anything-thank you Romsey Churches! Not sure if it’s the same every year, but this year the churches that run it were The Abbey United Reform Church, Freedom Church, Romsey Abbey & St. Swithun’s, Romsey Methodist Church, Elim Church Romsey, Romsey Baptist Church, St Joseph’s RC Church and Romsey Quakers.

I actually only started to learn to face paint two days before the big day, so I was incredibly lucky that Rhiannon is an amazing face painter and quickly talked me through the basics. She had said to me before that as an artist I would be totally fine, but I would not have even known where to start without her help.

The biggest tip she gave me was to think about the finished design before starting and work it up in layers rather than do an outline and colour it in. Most of the techniques she showed me started with a using a sponge to do a background layer and then adding the other detail on afterwards with a brush. The 5 faces we did on the day were tigers, butterflies, flowers, Batman and Spiderman but Rhiannon had such a beautiful collection of colours, brushes and sponges which allowed us to do lots of different versions on these five designs.

It was a long, long day and we painted lots and lots of faces, but it was actually really fun…exhausting but fun! So thank you very much Rhiannon for teaching me to do it-everyday’s a school day! ­čÖé

Floral Face Painting By Heidi Piercy

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