My sister and my brother in law have just got an adorable little black Labrador puppy called Floyd. My brother in law, Rob, turned 30 a couple of weeks after my friend Kelly, who I drew the okapi for, so I thought I could draw him something for his birthday too. Of course, if I was going to draw him anything, it had to be Floyd!

We met Floyd for the first time over Christmas, so he appeared in a lot of our festive photos and I used these to help me plan the composition of my picture. I sketched the general layout in pencil first to allow for mistakes/changes of plan. Then I sketched the eyes and nose in pen and then put a light layer of hairs all over his face. Finally I added more pen to certain patches of hair to get the shadows and highlights over his fur.

I have put the design onto a range of different products in my Zazzle Store, so please take a look and if there’s a product that you would like it on that I haven’t made yet please just let me know and I’ll make it for you.

When I did a new drawing of Floyd, now he is a bit older, for my sister’s birthday I realised that I had drawn him a lot darker (like he actually is in real life) in the more recent drawing, so I decided to tweak this puppy picture digitally so it’s a bit more accurate.

Cute Black Labrador Puppy Sketch by Heidi Piercy with digital artSaveSave

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