digital sketch of the Artvent reindeer by Heidi Piercy

Artvent -Why Not Join In And Share Your Art?

What Is This Artvent?!

Artvent is a bit like an Advent Calendar (see what I did there?!), but instead of/as well as opening a little door and eating chocolate, each day we all share a different piece of our art using the #artvent. We have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ page so please follow us and tag us in your posts cause we are really looking forward to seeing what you share.

ArtVent is a chance for us arty folk to share/vent our art for a whole 25 days. Let it out-it might be therapeutic!

The Rules

There really is only one rule-during ArtVent (1st December to 25th December) we each share one of our pieces of art each day. Now this could be art you created that day or previous pieces.

It doesn’t matter what style, media, subject…etc you use, any art is welcome-this is your chance to vent your art. You could choose to do a theme or use this as an opportunity to try a particular style but whatever you choose to do please have fun and share #artvent

My #artvents

We had some amazing art shared over the last couple of years, from a range of visual art, to poetry and music. I’m sure if you searched for #artvent on social media you will still be able to see some these great posts.

For my 2015 artvent I decided to learn how to do digital art. I have never had much/any experience of it before so I thought I would use #artvent as an excuse to try it out. I used my husband’s Wacom tablet and downloaded SketchBook onto my laptop to do all the 25 pieces and just gave it a go. It was a bit full on and may be I was a little bit crazy to take on so much suddenly just before Christmas but I would have never learnt that much and done so much if it hadn’t been for #artvent. I know I am no overnight digital expert, but I definitely feel a lot more confident using this media now I have just dived in and given it a go!

Heidi Piercy's 2015 Artvent

I wrote and illustrated a whole A-Z Christmas poem for my 2016 artvent. Although I wrote it a few days before the start of #artvent, I illustrated most of it as I was going along…I know I said this last time but I really must be a bit more organised next year! 🙂

Heidi Piercy's Artvent Christmas Poem

For 2017 I turned my 2016 Artvent poem into a Christmas colouring book, which you can buy on Amazon if you fancy a bit of an art vent too. 🙂

A Crackers Christmas Colouring Book front cover by author and illustrator Heidi Piercy A Crackers Christmas Colouring Book reindeer page by author and illustrator Heidi Piercy A Crackers Christmas Colouring Book Christmas bells page by author and illustrator Heidi Piercy A Crackers Christmas Colouring Book Christmas cooking page by author and illustrator Heidi Piercy






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